Human team

This eighth edition of Campus Rafa Martínez, we will have a consolidated, cohesive group of people after many years of working together.
The technical management will fall to Martín Momotiuk, helped by Nil Llobet and Albert Agüera. The recreational activities again be directed by an old acquaintance, Marcos Ortega.
You will have a lot of coaches and sports instructors who have supported us from the first campus, 8 years ago.
Finally, as always, special mention Rafa Martinez, the engine of the campus!


Jugador del Baixi Manresa (Lliga Endesa) | 2020-2022

Jugador del RETAbet Bilbao Basket (Lliga Endesa) | 2019-2020

Jugador del València Bàsquet (Lliga Endesa) | 2008-2019

Jugador del Bàsquet Manresa (Liga Endesa) | 2003-2008

Jugador de la selecció espanyola | 2011-2012


Tecnic director


Physical education teacher, basketball coach and coordinator from 1990 to 2015.

Director of Campus Roger Grimau (2005-2007) and director of Campus Rafa Martínez (2008-2022)

Assistant manager


Sports instructor


Physical education teacher and sports instructor.

Sports instructor of Campus Roger Grimau (2005-2007) and Campus Rafa Martínez (2008-2021).